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Chard -- Swiss Chard



Scientific classification
Trinomial name

Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Chard (or Swiss Chard), Beta vulgaris var. cicla, also known as silverbeet or perpetual spinach is a leaf vegetable, and is one of the cultivated descendents of the Sea Beet, Beta vulgaris subsp. maritimis.

While used for its leaves, it is in the same species as the garden beets, which are used for their roots, including Mangelwurzel which is used for animal feed and the Sugar beet which is used to make sugar.

It is in the plant family Chenopodiaceae along with Spinach.

There are several varieties of chard available for growing, but the most common is Swiss chard. Other varieties are 'Ruby chard', 'Rainbow chard', and 'Rhubarb chard'.

Chard has shiny green ribbed leaves, with stems that range from white to yellow and red depending on the variety. It has a slightly bitter taste. The leaves are generally treated in the same way as spinach and the stems like asparagus. Fresh young chard can also be used raw in salads.

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