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Key Lime



Key Lime
Scientific classification
Species:C. x aurantifolia
Binomial name
Citrus x aurantifolia
(Christm.) Swingle

The Key Lime (Citrus x aurantifolia), also called the Mexican Lime or Bartender's Lime, is a small lime used in making margaritas and key lime pie, a specialty of American cuisine in Florida. Key Lime is one of several cultivars of the lime widespread in commerce.

The key lime is native to southeast Asia but was introduced to the Americas and is named after the Florida Keys, where the plant's thorn-filled trees grow. Their thin rinds make the fruits intolerant of frost.

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement came into effect, many key limes are grown in Mexico and Central America. They are also grown in Texas and California.


This poem is from the well-known modern poet Campbell McGrath's book entitled Florida Poems:

"The Key Lime"

Curiously yellow hand-grenade

of flavor; Molotov cocktail

for a revolution against the bland.


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