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Sole Fish




Scientific classification
(22 genera)

The soles are a family (Soleidae) of flatfishes found in both oceans and freshwater, feeding on small crustaceans and other invertebrates. The family includes over 100 species. These species are bottom feeding and are carnivorous.

The distinctive features of the sole is a flat, oval body with the eyes paired up on the same side which makes it an exception for the rule of bilateral symmetry, although their eyes are located on different sides in early development.

The sole is adapted to live on the ocean floor with its eyes facing upwards and its blind side towards the bottom, often covered in mud which in combination with its dark colours makes it hard to spot.

If necessary, the sole can change colour to match its environment.

Generally all flounders and halibuts are called soles except in Europe, they are all important food fishes.

One of the most popular of the dishes is sole véronique - fillet of sole poached in white wine, covered with a white sauce and garnished with white grapes.


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