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Tree Ear orCloud Ear Fungus



Cloud ear fungus
Scientific classification
Species:A. polytricha
Binomial name
Auricularia polytricha

Tree Ear Fungus or Cloud ear fungus (Auricularia polytricha) is a jelly fungus grey-brown in color used often in Asian cooking. It is also known as wood ear, tree ear, wood fungus, ear fungus or tree ear fungus, an allusion to its flabby ear-shaped growth.

The fungus grows in frilly masses on dead wood. It is a dark brown color but somewhat translucent. It is usually sold dried and needs to be soaked before use. While tasteless, it is prized for its slightly crunchy texture and supposed medicinal properties.

The relative, Auricularia auricula (Jew's Ear Fungus) is also used often in Asian cooking.

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