Food and Wine Pairing Charts

Grape Varietal 
Grape will go well with the following foods 
Barbera Tomato based pasta dishes, Pizza, Parmesean Cheese, Barbera can work with both meat and fish dishes
Cabernet Franc A fairly versatile food friendly wine able to be served with poultry dishes, red meats, heavy game or pizza.
Cabernet Sauvignon Fatty red meats, such as lamb, beef (steak), heavy sauces e.g., steak au poivre and pepper-crusted ahi tuna. Oaked wines can be used to matched with cooking methods that have similar influences on the food such as grilling 
Cinsaut classic bistro fair, creamy blue cheese, strawberries, Mediterranean cuisine 
Dolcetto pasta, light tomato sauces, pizza
Durif stronger meats - game, beef, lamb, and spicy sauces
Gamay bistro fair -- roast chicken -- mild and nutty cheeses, such as swiss, brie and Munster
Grenache braises and stews: long slow cooked roasts of pork or lamb daubes and stews with dark, winey sauces --red such as Chateauneuf du Pape is good with richer and gamier birds 
Malbec Red meat, can stand up to Mexican spice, Italian tomato based dishes
Montepulciano pasta with a meat-based ragù, Eggplant Alla Parmigiana 
Mourvèdre meat based stews, Provencal vegetable dishes.roast lamb
Nebbiolo risotto (milanesa or mushroom)
Nero d'Avola Meatballs, roasted lamb, pasta with tomato base sauces
Petit Sirah stronger meats - game, beef, lamb, and spicy sauces
Pinotage A medium-bodied Pinotage, cqn go with grilled or sauteed fish and thick soups. A heavy-bodied Pinotage goes well with red meat, venison, barbequed dishes.
Pinot Noir  duck, squab, quail 
Sangiovese tomato-based pasta and pizza sauces with a Sangiovese-based Chianti; more aggressive oak treated wines pair well with grilled and smoked food
Syrah Pairs with grilled meats, whether steaks, hamburger, sausage, or lamb; pizza, game such as venison, boar, or pheasant
Tempranillo beef, lamb, bacon, pork, duck, and hard cheeses. 
Zinfandel/Primitivo tomato based sauces, bbq dishes, sausage, dark bittersweet chocolate


Airén  Plainly cooked fish and shellfish. Grilled chicken breasts
Albariño seafood, shell fish, tapas style dishes
Chardonnay Unoaked Chardonnays: pan roasted fish; shellfish ---Oaked Chardonnays: Boudin Blanc, Salmon, lobster, sweetbreads
Gewürztraminer  chicken and fish dishes, pairs well with spicy Asian style dishes
Melon de Bourgogne seafood-particularly oysters--other seafood dishes that Muscadet pair well includes lobster, shrimp and mullet
Muscat dessert wine 
Pinot Gris seafood, light pastas, grilled chicken breasts
Riesling white fish or pork, and can stand up to the stronger flavours and spices of Thai and Chinese cuisine
Roussanne white meat and fish
Sauvignon Blanc Fish, cheese, particularly Chevre, can pair with sushi
Sémillon  Seafood, fish, clams, mussels --sweet wines pair with desserts
Torrontés  smoked meats, mild to medium-strong cheeses, and seafood. pairs well with spicy food
Trebbiano  pasta with oil base, pan fried fish
Verdejo Tapas 
Verdelho shellfish, seafood, asian food
Verdicchio light pasta dishes, fish
Viognier shell fish, roasted monkfish

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