How to enhance a sauce using wine

Wine should not just be considered a beverage to enhance the flavor and complement a dish it should also be considered as a major component in the dish.

Marinading with Wine

Many slow cooked stews such as coq au vin are best when the protein is allowed to marinade overnight in both the wine and the cooking vegetables. Below is a classic example using chicken. The same approach can be done for beef and lamb.

Video of DanielHumm cooking Chicken in Wine Sauce

Daniel Daniel Humm cooks Coq au Vin.

Making a Red Wine Sauce with a Stock To accompany and enhance the flavor of a red or white meat (chicken, beef, rabbit, squab, quail, etc) the wine can be added it is best to make the stock separate in large quantities so extra can be stored in the freezer and used as needed. Then depending on the protein used and the wine be served the wine to be used in the sauce can be paired. If the wine is not too expensive we suggest using the same wine in both the sauce and beverage. If you fee the wine is too expensive choose a wine with the same grape variety or a blend that also contains the main grape of the beverage. 


1) Have your stock prepared and reduced to 1-2 cups for 4 people serving. 

2) In a sauce pan add 1 shallot finely diced and sweat with a little neutral oil till shallots are softened but not brown. 

3) Add 1/2- 1 cup of red wine and reduce to a near glaze then add the stock. Note: many chefs will use 4:1 red wine port.

4) Reduce the wine and stock by half under low simmer... strain the sauce through a fine sieve squeezing all the juices from the shallots. If you prefer you can leave shallots in the sauce.

5) Pour the sauce back into the pan and reduce to a thick syrup. Off the heat whisk in a tablespoon of butter for a smooth glossy sauce (or a tablespoon of truffle butter for extra enhanced flavor.


Use the same steps with a white wine sauce using fish or vegetable as your base stock. In this sauce you may want to wisk in some cream or marscopone before plating.


Red wine is a great liquid to poach both fish and enough an egg. See Classic Video below of red wine poached egg.

Video of Michel Roux Jnr Oeuf Poché Meurette Poached Egg in a Red Wine Sauce


Video of Poached Egg in a Red Wine Sauce