Clinical trials and drug development for gluten sensitivity and wheat allergies 

The idea is to evaluate if the so called "Gluten Sensitivity" is a real clinical entity. Gluten sensitive (GS) persons are defined as those patients, being neither celiac or allergic to weat, who develop symptoms following gluten consumption.
A comprehensive listing of clinical trials (both government and industry sponsored) conducted across the U.S. Use key terms "celiac disease" or" gluten sensitivity".

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Drug Development

Larazotide acetate, (Alba Therapuetics) is a drug currently in development that works by inhibiting zonulin, which has been shown to increase the permeability of the gut in celiac disease, allowing gluten particles to pass through to trigger inflammation, and gastrointestinal and other symptoms. Larazotide acetate is a novel agent that belongs to a new class of drugs called tight junction regulators. It is a synthetic eight amino acid peptide that has the sequence GGVLVQPG.

larazotide acetate structure for celiac disease

Readings and References

1- Diagnosis of gluten related disorders: Celiac disease, wheat allergy and non-celiac gluten sensitivity

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